Gin of the Year

Stranger & Sons Gin

The great gin boom of the 21st century shows no sign of slowing as the world remains thirsty for juniper. At the Whisky Exchange, we’ve always prided ourselves on finding the best spirits for our customers, so we’ve assembled a panel of experts to determine the Gin of the Year 2023.

This year’s shortlist contains modern interpretations of classic styles and boundary-pushing new innovations. The winner is Stranger & Sons Gin, offering an aromatic and exotic take on the classic spirit, utilising locally-sourced botanicals to create a fragrant Indian gin.

Stranger & Sons Gin


70cl / 42.8%


($53.85 per litre)

A vibrant gin from Goa, India, that uses the abundance of exotic local botanicals both from local markets and the distillery’s own botanical garden. A spicy blend of juniper, black pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander seed, angelica, liquorice and cassia is backed up by four types of citrus, including Gondhoraj lemon and Indian bergamot.

Perfumed citrus aromas open on the nose – sweet and tangy Gondhoraj lemons mingling with bergamot and lime – joined by a medley of spices, with cassia and mace offering a warm backbone. The palate brings bright citrus and peppery juniper, coriander seed, cinnamon, pepper and cassia notes that linger in the finish.


Third Eye Distillery

Founded in 2018 by Sakshi Saigal, Rahul Mehra and Vidur Gupta, Goa’s Third Eye distillery is shrouded in light-humoured myths and legends, embracing the area’s reputation as a hippie mecca. Dedicated to making truly Indian gins, Third Eye distillery uses herbs and spices from farms along the Konkan and Malabar coasts, from Goa to Kerala, as well as four kinds of Indian citrus peels: Gondhoraj lemon, bergamot, Nagpur orange and lime.

From the beginning, Third Eye distillery’s founders have been working hard to reduce their environmental impact. Local women help the distillery team to peel the citrus used in their gins and take the leftover fruit home to make traditional jams and pickles which are sold at the local markets. There is no plastic used in their packaging, not even a dash of tape, and the botanicals are used whole, with no part is discarded as waste.

The Shortlist

Gin of the Year Tasting Pack

18cl / 44.3%


($14.95 per 10cl)

Think you know your London dry from your Old Tom? This pack offers you the chance to be a gin judge, to sample the shortlist and to decide if you agree with our panel of experts. We’d love to know what you think!

Of the Year 2023 Winners Collection

210cl / 44%


($89.88 per litre)

Try all three winners and see why they are our favourites of the year. Whisky from a picturesque island distillery, rum from a historic Jamaican distillery and an exotic Indian gin - three exciting and delectable bottles.

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