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Modern rum distilleries make a very different spirit to the more traditional producers. Large multi-column stills can produce large quantities of spirit, stripping undesirable character from the rum to create light spirits that are a far cry from the weightier rums of yesteryear. While distilleries do not stamp as much of a clear character on these spirits, the rums do all have their own style and our Single Modernist category captures these spirits: spirits distilled using Modernist stills at a single distillery.

We define a Modernist still as a continuous setup with more than three columns. The actual number of physical columns may be larger, with the functionality of one column split across several actual columns, but they will feature at least three types: the more traditional analyser and rectifier, as well as a hydro-selection or purification column. It's this last type of column that sets them apart from traditional column stills, allowing the distillation of high-strength spirit with more undesirable flavour compounds removed, creating the light and clean Modernist-style rums.

Single Modernist rums are a distinct category within Modernist rums, putting all of the control of the taste of the rum into the hands of the distiller – the character of the rum will be purely that of the distillery, rather than blended with the spirits of other producers. These rums showcase what each modern distillery is all about: their philosophy to rum making through the flavours they produce.


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