Stauning Design Edition

It’s The Stauning You Know and Love

With a Bit of Added You

Known for its distinctive and eye-catching bottles, Danish distillery Stauning has run into a bit of a problem – it can’t get a hold of those bottles. Something to do with global supply issues, apparently. However, Stauning refuses to let this get in the way of the fun and has come up with a cunning plan. For a limited time only, it is embracing plain bottles and letting you get creative with your very own design kit (complete with stickers and a pen) to design your own Stauning.

What will your bottle look like?

Stuaning KAOS

Design Edition

A versatile Danish grain whisky made with locally-grown malted barley and rye, and matured in both heavily-charred virgin American oak cask and first-fill Markers Mark Bourbon casks. The name KAOS is inspired by Denmark’s first Social Democratic prime minister, Thorvald Stauning, whose campaign slogan was 'Stauning eller kaos' – Stauning or Chaos.

Sweet cereals, chocolate, caramel and bonfires fill the nose, followed by notes of dark chocolate, nougat, and apple that melt into a lingering finish of tobacco, orange and vanilla.

Stauning Rye

Design Edition

Smooth, fruity and full-bodied, Stauning Rye is made with locally-grown rye and barley, floor malted and fermented at the distillery. The resulting wash is distilled in small, direct-fired pot stills and matured in virgin American oak barrels.

After aging in the cool Danish climate, we are left with an aromatic whisky with a nose of freshly-baked rye bread, wine gums and peppery spice, complemented by notes of dried fruit, ripe cherries, vanilla and orange peel on the palate.

Stuaning Smoke

Design Edition

This softly smoky and distinctly elegant whisky is made with locally-sourced grain, floor malted and smoked over peat and heather from the heathlands by the Ringkøbing Fjord. Double distilled in small direct-fired pot stills and matured in a combination of casks, Stauning Smoke emerges rich and complex with aromas of fresh orange, honey and smouldering embers. The palate brings roasted nuts, cigar boxes, dried fruit and fresh herbs.

About Stauning

In 2005 nine friends – a chef, a doctor, a butcher, a helicopter pilot, a teacher and four engineers – set out to start a distillery. Fuelled by their passion, curiosity and will to experiment, they drew inspiration from the land around them to create a terroir-driven Nordic whisky. As their project gained popularity among whisky aficionados, Stauning’s founders raised the money to buy a farm and turn into a larger distillery with increased capacity. Even as the scale of the operation increased, the founders stuck to their original methods; using locally-grown grain, floor malted at the distillery and distilled in small, direct-fired stills.