The International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (TISSS)
October 24th to 27th, 2020 | Barcelona, Spain
The Migration Trend and the Future of Europe
The world was shocked by the news of 39 bodies found dead in a lorry container in Essex, England in October, 2019. The exact circumstances have not yet been confirmed, however, questions have been raised about why people risk their lives to get to Europe.
International migration and geographic mobility have major implications for societies and economies. This is true at global level, and, perhaps even more so, at European level. Europe is at a crossroads where it needs to decide how it wants to tackle the challenges of today, from security concerns, doubts about globalization, the rise of populism, the effects Brexit cause and to the impact of new migration on society. It spells out the choice we face: being swept along by those trends, or embracing them and seizing the new opportunities they bring.
The International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (TISSS), scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain, during October 27th to the 30th, 2020, will contribute to the debate on the most current issues of the European integration processes, determining their scope and dynamics, such as migration, discrimination, social exclusion, international instability, internal and external security.
Paper proposals in a wide range of areas in European Studies are welcomed, but the conference is open to all topics so long as they focus on the application in practice.
1. Europe and its Values: Freedom, Solidarity, Democracy
EU citizenship – rights and responsibilities
European culture
Future of the European integration process
2. Europe and its Institutions, Laws, and Economy
EU institutions, bodies and agencies
The role of NGOs in shaping EU civil society
The role of regions in the EU
EU economic policy
Instability of international environment and internal stability of the EU – dynamics of interdependence
3. Europe and its Society: Challenges and Opportunities
Contemporary socio-demographic challenges in the EU
Justice and home affairs
Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the EU: in quest of solutions
EU societies in transition: youth, education and labor market
Social Sciences Topics
  • Communication
    Humanities and Culture Studies
  • Education
    Social Studies
    Politics and Law
    Business & Management
    Linguistic & Literature