Kanosuke Distillery

Since 2017, Kanosuke has been producing spirit at the southern tip of Japan’s main islands, and we are very pleased to finally welcome them to the UK with the release of the Kanosuke 2022 Limited Edition.

Kanosuke Single Malt

2022 Limited Edition

Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Kanosuke Single Malt

70cl / 59%


This third official release from Kanosuke was produced using all three of the distillery's pot stills and matured for three years in a variety of oak casks, with a focus on ex-sherry wood.

The result is a fresh and vibrant whisky with layers of sherry-cask character and a long, mellow finish. As the distillery says, "...like the sun setting slowly over the East China Sea."

About Kanosuke

Kanosuke is part of the new wave of distilleries in Japan and at the forefront of the country’s whisky revolution. It opened in 2017 on the south-west coast of Kyushu island near the city of Kagoshima, an area well-known for producing shochu – Japan’s native spirit.

Founder Yoshitsugu Komasa named the distillery after his grandfather, Kanosuke Komasa. Kanosuke had planned to build a whisky distillery to complement his family’s shochu production, but the plans fell through and he turned instead to creating an excellent aged shochu – the award winning Mellowed Kozuro. Now, two generations later, the family’s dream has been realised with the building of Kanosuke.

Kanosuke uses three pot stills to make its whisky, where most craft single malt distillers only have two. The distilling team use these in different combinations to give them an array of new-make spirits to play with, making the distillery flexible and able to produce a wide range of whisky styles. Add to that casks used to age shochu as well as more traditional bourbon and sherry casks, and you have a recipe for lots of great whisky.