Inchdairnie Distillery

Engineered In Fife

From its inception, Inchdairnie has sought to push the boundaries of flavour by combining traditional whisky making with new technologies. Ryelaw, the distillery’s inaugural release, was inspired by the discovery of documents dating to 1909 that detailed the use of rye in Scottish distilleries, a practice all-but forgotten until now.

Inchdairnie Ryelaw 2017 Single Grain

Bot. 2022

70cl / 46.3%


Made in 2017 using Inchdairnie’s custom Lomond still, this single grain whisky comprises 53% malted rye and 47% malted barley. The locally-grown rye provides a rich spiciness in the spirit which is further complemented by ageing in new American oak. After five years maturation, Ryelaw show aromas of green peppercorns, woody spices and soft vanilla that fill the nose. The palate brings a cascade of peppery rye spice wrapped in notes of malted milk biscuits, dried fruit and an oily, mouth-coating viscosity.



Inchdairnie’s mission to push the boundaries of flavour doesn’t end with rye. The team there are preparing for future releases of single malt – made using traditional pot stills with an unconventional dual condenser setup – as well as innovative oat and wheat whiskies. Like Ryelaw, these upcoming bottling have no pre-determined release date and will reach us only when they are deemed ready. The use of different grains, bespoke yeast strains, novel equipment and a seasonal approach to distilling all serve to make Inchdairnie one of Scotland’s most exciting new distilleries. This inaugural release offers a fascinating hint of what is to come and would make a fine addition to any whisky collection.