Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023

This annual celebration of Campbeltown whisky brings enthusiasts from across the world to the Kintyre peninsula. The four-day celebration of the Wee Toon’s contributions to whisky is marked by tastings, parties and the chance to own one of the limited-edition bottlings created for the occasion. We are very happy to offer our customers the latest Campbeltown Malts Festival whisky from the venerable Glen Scotia, a lightly peated dram finished in white Port casks.

Glen Scotia 11 Year Old

70cl / 54.7%


($100.08 per litre)

After a decade resting in the Glen Scotia warehouses by Campbeltown harbour, this softly smoky single malt was filled into white Port casks, where it remained for a final 12 months prior to bottling. The sweet wine influence adds rich notes of orchard fruit, bringing softness and balance to the rugged, coastal character of Glen Scotia. Without a doubt, a whisky worth celebrating.

The Glen Scotia Whisky Experiment

Each bottle of this limited-edition release sports a QR code that will take you to a whisky tasting like no other. Glen Scotia invites you to experience your festive malt immersed in the sights and sounds of Campbeltown. With this experimental tasting, you’ll be able to explore how time and place affect our senses and the way we appreciate a good dram.

Explore the Range

Glen Scotia has been in business in Campbeltown since 1832. For much of its history it provided whisky for blenders which necessitated a certain degree of flexibility in production. Even today, it produces a range of styles from fresh and fruity to robustly peated, all united by the idiosyncratic profile for which Campbeltown whisky is famous.