Scottish Mythical Creatures

We are privileged to present this series of three single malts inspired by the legendary beasts of the Scottish Highlands. For whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike, these landmark releases from Dalmunach offer a glimpse of a distillery rarely seen in the wild.

The series is strictly limited and available exclusively at The Whisky Exchange.

The Wulver

Dalmunach 6 Year Old

70cl / 60%


($92.38 per litre)

The inaugural bottling in the Mythical creatures series is also the first Dalmunach single malt to receive a general release. This vibrant whisky reveals a distillery character rich in orchard and stone fruits with red apple and apricot on the nose and a rich palate of marzipan, hazelnuts and baking spices.

The wulver is a mysterious figure said to fish along the shorelands of the Shetland Isles. Though fearsome in appearance, there are reports of the creature sharing its catch with islanders in times of need. The label depicts the benevolent wulver seated by the Dalmunach pond, from which this great distillery takes its name.

Coming Soon

The next two releases in the Dalmunach Mythical Creatures Series will be revealed here when the time comes.

Dalmunach Distillery

2013 saw the total demolition of the old Imperial distillery. On the site where this once-proud Speysider had stood, its owner Chivas Brothers was planning something much larger and more ambitious. The following year, spirit first ran at the newly built Dalmunach, and one of Scotland’s most advanced distilleries was born.

Despite its formidable capacity – 10 million litres per year at peak operation – Dalmunach is geared for minimal environmental impact. An advanced heat recovery system ensures that this ultra-modern distillery is one of the most energy efficient in the world. Excellent news for Scottish wildlife, both mythical and otherwise.